About TML

Cowgirl meets cowboy in big city

We started this website to chronicle the adventures of this marvelous life: a guy from the wild west of Arizona, and a girl from a one-horse town in Northern Ca trying to fight the crowds for some space in LA County…and now the addition of our sweet, crazy, precious little girl. This blog may seem like it has multiple personality disorder, but there are just so many things to do and share in this marvelous life! We’ll try keep you posted on our newest insights into health & nutrition, photography, crafts and household projects, family get togethers, and anything else that grabs our attention. Hope you enjoy!

Some more “about”:

I am…

a follower of Christ, wife to an amazing man, mama to my precious girlie, daughter-sister-aunt-friend, crafter, sewer, beach-goer, baby-child-family photographer, labor nurse turned homemaker, wearer of flip flops, tank tops, and skinny jeans, excessive obsessive list maker, small-town girl living in the city, and so on…

I love…

healthy food, dessert, dark dark chocolate, fruit-flavored lip gloss, sun, sun, and more sun,  making gifts, kissing my little missie all day long, working on project with my man, family,  green tea, cute stuff, and so much more!


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